Tired of same old and small talk? Join The Club!  

Just to let you know we're expanding our services beyond 1:1 counselling!

Life Cafe Club now includes Workshops, Life Coach Package & Life Cafes run by life coaches in community centres.

Why do this? In part, to complement 'Death Cafes' in community centres; embrace new directions in mental health; and, address the loneliness epidemic.

See our 'Healthy Minds' reading on the new website www.lifecafe.club and 'Loneliness Fast Facts' on our other website www.beyondloneliness.club for details.

NEW Services @ Life Cafe Club 

Inner Life, Outer Life & Transform Your Life are our 3 new workshops that run either Online OR Face-to-Face,10hrs each for up to 10 people and includes resources.

Life Coach Package is our self-directed online version of Inner Life & Outer Life. So go at your own pace through ALL of our online E-Courses - including 7 wellbeing tools from our online Mind & Soul Toolbox.  

Life Cafes are for people who want to move their mindset & see change. They are free 1hr sessions run by our life coaches in community centres. In my experience, clients make great life coaches! You can do it! Life coaches are not professional helpers who give advice; rather, they're skilled friends who can move the conversation from small talk to soul talk and demonstrate the 10 core life skills identified by WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF. 

NEW Club/Client Pricelist - 50% off our services

Workshop Fee (Inner Life, Outer Life OR Transform Your Life)

List Price $360  Club $180 (or $18/hr)

Mental Health Care Plan Holders:  

Online Full Gap Fee List Price $180  Club $90 (or $9/hr)

Online Concession Gap Fee (Health Care Card or Pension Holders) List Price $90  Club $45 (or $4.50/hr) 

Life Coach Package 

List Price $290 Club $145 ***Client Special $95*** - Get immediate access to ALL our online E-Course bundles OR buy separately: 

Inner Life List Price $90  Club $65

Outer Life List Price $90  Club $65

Toolbox List Price $110  Club $75

Go to our online training bundles https://training.soulfood.cafe/ and enter these codes:

Promo Code: club2023 - this applies 50% discount on bundles. 

Promo Code: lb2023 - $195 client discount on Life Coach Package. 

Take your life to the next level. Feel free to get started on your online training adventure asap. You'll get immediate access to our online resources. 

Details of Life Cafes and Workshops - where and when, TBA. Watch this space!

For all other inquiries, please refer to our new websites below for details... or contact us via phone or email after we get back from holidays on September 4th. 

Go well and enjoy the discovery! Paul Whetham.

Tired of same old & small talk? Join the Club!



Life Cafe Counselling

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced - Soren Kierkegaard

New Directions in Mental Health

Life Cafe Counselling is not your typical counselling service. 

The old mental health model focused on individual problems (e.g. mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment). 

The new wellness model focuses more on holistic health, life skills and supportive communities. A new direction we fully embrace @ Life Cafe.

See our Healthy Minds Reading in the link below for more information. 

Challenges for Healthy Minds

Our counselling service focuses on adult and adolescent clients with the following issues:

Counselling Principles

Dr Paul Whetham Dip. Welfare, BA(Hons), PhD (Clin Psych), FAPS.

Hi! I'm passionate about transforming lives and connecting communities. I did my PhD on loneliness - visit our Life Coach project www.beyondloneliness.club - have lived and worked in residential housing for youth and people with a mental illness; was the Director of Counselling at the University of South Australia; have taught counselling skills here and overseas; run numerous workshops for a range of community organisations; and co-edited psychology textbooks for secondary schools. Checkout my Healthy Minds reading about social issues and personal growth, it will help you to appreciate the examined life and assist you to navigate the strange and sometimes complex world of mental health.

Thanks for visiting!

For more details, visit https://lifecafe.club/ & https://beyondloneliness.club/