Move Your Mindset & Connect Your Life!

"Life Cafe changed my life!" - Karen

Our mindset has been shaped, in part, by clever marketing & social media (you need to buy stuff or like stuff) making it difficult to move our mindset & connect with others.

Life Cafe Club was created to embrace new directions in mental health and address the loneliness epidemic. It equips you to move your mindset and connect your life using our new innovative services. 

Checkout our Healthy Minds Reading about social issues and personal growth, it explores the practical skills and services needed to thrive, not just survive, in life. 

Life Counselling

Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved. The old mental health model focuses on individual problems (assessment, diagnosis & treatment). The new wellness model focuses more on holistic health, life skills & supportive communities. This is the direction that Life Cafe Club takes.

Life Counselling is 1:1 with clinical psychologist, Dr Paul Whetham, and is available to adolescent & adult clients either online or face-to-face.  


Life, no matter what age or stage, always has a way of raising simple but fundamental questions that demand honest answers. 

Questions like:  What is my life all about? Am I happy with my daily routines? What could I do if I had no fear? Am I good enough? How can I make a difference? What will people say at my funeral?

Then there are questions about relationships: How do I really get on with my family members? Who are my real friends? Who can I turn to for help? How can I move from small talk to soul talk? 

To help you unpack these and other life questions we've designed a self-directed adventure to help know yourself better inside and out.

E-courses are ideal for people who prefer to go at their own pace or who may not be able to get to a workshop. Sign up for our E-course Package & get immediate access to 3 E-courses for a third of the price: 

Life Cafe (Free) 

Life Cafes are 'free' for adults of all ages. They run during school terms in South Australian community centres for about 1-hour a week 


Take your life & Relationships to the next level by doing our Connect Workshops. These skills workshops equip you with practical skills to move your mindset and make a positive impact with family, friends and people in your community... without draining your social battery! 

Life Cafe Club

Life Cafe Club was created to transform lives and connect communities. Mental health services are stretched and health professionals are like ambulances at the bottom of a cliff. While this is obviously important (see Life Counselling), putting a robust fence at the top of the cliff makes more sense. That's why Life Cafe Club is committed to providing E-Courses, Life Cafe & Workshops as well.  

Beyond Loneliness                          Life Coach Project

Loneliness is an epidemic and a killer! It affects about 1:2 Americans and 1:3 Australians, and can take approximately 15 years off your life. 

Beyond Loneliness is our novel life coach project that aims to transform loneliness in the community through the training and support of life coaches in Life Cafes. 

Dr Paul Whetham Dip. Welfare, BA(Hons), PhD (Clin Psych), FAPS.

Hi! I've struggled with loneliness, even did my PhD on loneliness, and I've seen the need to build supportive community networks. As a psychologist with over 30 years experience, I've lived and worked in residential housing for youth and people with a mental illness; co-edited psychology textbooks for secondary schools; and was a Director of a Counselling Program at university. Now I train life coaches in community centres and online. 

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